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Brown Leather Desk Room Sets

— Brown Leather Desk Room Sets —

Pick which desk pad accessories you'd like in your office/conference room.
Brown leather desk pad and accessories. Gold-Plated Brass Accents. White Contrast Stitching.
Any items shown in main collection but not listed below are no longer available for purchase.

Brown Leather Desk Pad with contrast stitching Brown Leather Letter Opener with gold plated brass blade Brown Leather Double Document Bin Brown Foldable Clock
18 x 28 inches
Brown Desk Pad

Item No. CTSC761-33
Letter Opener
Item No. CTSC759-33
Document Bin

Item No. CTSC798-33
Foldable Clock
Item No. CTSC765-33
Brow Leather Business Card Tray Pen Pencil Holder Brown Leather Memo Holder Brown Double Pen Tray
Business Card Tray
Item No. CTSC762-33
Pen Pencil Holder
Item No. CTSC768-33
Memo Holder
Item No. CTSC760-33
Double Pen Tray
Item No. CTSC766-33
Double Letter Tay Brown Leather Picture Frame  
Double Letter Tray
Item No. CTSC764-33
4 x 6 inches
Brown Picture Frame

Item No. CTSC767-33

Purchase Items from the Brown Leather Conference Room Set Below:
Choose which items you would like to have from the collection.

Item Code   —   Item Name   —   Item Price Quantity
CTSC761-33Brown Desk Pad — $203.50
CTSC759-33Letter Opener — $53.50
CTSC765-33Foldable Clock — $104.50
CTSC762-33Business Card Tray — $56.50
CTSC768-33Pen Pencil Holder — $59.50
CTSC760-33Memo Holder — $97.00
CTSC766-33Double Pen Tray — $125.50
CTSC764-33Double Letter Tray — $95.50
CTSC767-33Brown Picture Frame — $89.50
CTSC798-33Double Document Bin — $233.50

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